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Easy View - Crystal Reports Viewer
Version 3 now available!

Easy View Crystal Reports Viewer

Easy View is a great low cost solution for distributing and viewing your Crystal Reports files (.rpt). It is the only Crystal Reports Viewer you will ever need.

With Easy View there is no need to purchase an expensive copy of Crystal Reports for every person that needs a Crystal Reports Viewer.  Crystal Reports is a great tool for analyzing data but most of your personnel don't need a full copy of Crystal Reports.  All they really need is a way to view and distribute reports that were already made for them.  Easy View does this and much much more.

Of course Easy View can do all the things you expect from a Crystal Reports Viewer and more. Easy View can view and print all of your Crystal Reports (.rpt) files but that is just the beginning.  Easy View can also export the report files into many popular formats (PDF, Excel, Word ....).  These files can be emailed directly from Easy View.

Unlike other Crystal Reports Viewers, Easy View comes with everything you need in a Crystal Reports Viewer. We don't try to sell you different programs for viewing, exporting, scheduling and emailing your Crystal Reports. With Easy View its all there in 1 convenient program.

One of the most powerful features of Easy View that separates it from other Crystal Reports Viewer is the Report Scheduler.  The Report Scheduler can run reports automatically at any intervals you want.  This can be as simple previewing or printing a report or much more complex.  Easy View can also automatically export a file into the format you want, attach it to an email and send it off to a list of email recipients.  What can be easier than that?

Need to integrate Easy View with other applications or schedulers that you have?  No problem.  Easy View has full command line support which means that it can be activated from any program that can start an EXE file with command line parameters.  This means that Easy View can be used with Batch files, Windows scheduler and many other programs.

Not convinced yet? We invite you to test out Easy View for yourself on a free 30 day trial. We know you're going to love it.

If you are planning on using Easy View on a terminal server, check out the terminal server version Easy View TS

Easy View Features at a glance
  • View, print, export and email Crystal Report
    Easy can be used to run reports from Crystal Reports 2008 and older.
  • Quick Launch Screen
    Easy View has a Quick Launch screen that helps you access and run your reports quickly and easily.
  • Report Scheduler
    Easy View has a built-in report scheduler that can be used automatically run, export, print and email reports.
  • Connect to live data
    Unlike some Crystal Reports Viewers, Easy View can connect to your data source and refresh the report. Virtually all databases are supported.
  • Email Reports
    Reports can be emailed directly from the Quick Launch window or automatically from the Report Scheduler.
  • Save Time and Money
    Save time running reports with Easy View's easy to use interface. Many common tasks can be completely automated. Run Crystal Reports without having to buy an expensive copy of Crystal Reports for each computer.
  • Date Variables
    Custom date variables that can be used to pass parameters to the reports from the scheduler. This lets you run the reports over and over without having to modify the schedule parameters.
  • Password Protection
    Easy View can be password protected to keep unauthorized people from viewing reports.
  • Command Line Interface
    Integrate Easy View with other programs or schedulers with a command line interface.
  • Automatic Updates
    Easy View automatically keeps itself up to date with the latest features and patches.
  • Multiple Languages
    English and Spanish. More to be added.
  • Excellent Support
    We are so confident in Easy View that support is included at no cost.

See the Features section for more details.

What's new in Easy View version 3?
  • Crystal Reports 2008 - Full support for Crystal Reports 2008 and older.
  • Improved Scheduler Service
    • The scheduler service is more fault tolerant. Even if there is a problem with a schedule other schedules will continue to run normally.
    • It is now optional to send the exported file as an attachment.
    • You can now include a link to the exported file in the email body.
    • Option to not email a report if there isn't any data in the report.
    • You can now embed HTML with graphs and images right into the body of an email.
  • Updated Look and Feel
    • Many improvements to the Easy View interface.
    • New tool bars.
    • The directory function in the recent reports tree now searches all subdirectories for report files.
  • Improved Command Line Interface
    • Multiple values for each parameter now possible.
    • Set parameter values by name or number.
    • Unlimited parameters from the command line.
    • Full control of export options for each export format.
  • New Command Line Wizard - Completely new command line wizard that is simpler to use and gives you full access to all of the command line options.
  • Report Encryption - Exported report files can be encrypted for extra security. You can use encryption with any export format. The files can be opened on any computer with Easy View or with our free decryption utility.
  • Automatic Data Backup - Your Easy View data file is backed up automatically every time you make changes to a schedule.
  • Multilingual
    • Supports multiple languages. English, Chinese (new), French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.
    • Reports that use character based languages (Chinese etc.) are now supported.
  • Barcode Scanners Support - Save time by using a bar code scanner to enter report parameter values.
  • Improved Export Options Functionality - Improved support for export options for all export formats.
  • Many More - There were hundreds of other improvements to Easy View.

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